Charmed Lash Primer

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The use of  Charmed Lash Primer will extend the eyelash retention period by effectively cleansing natural lashes and residual oils, sebum and build-up of makeup, giving the ideal preparation for optimum bonding of semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Charmed Eyelash Primer has also been designed to speed up the curing of eyelash extension glue. 

Put the primer onto a pair of lint free applicators or microbrushes and use both applicators to clean the lashes. Start cleaning the lashes with the applicators combing the eyelash between the two applicators, moving one by one from root to tip. One eye at a time, make sure all dust and other residues are removed. Leave to dry for approx 3 minutes and start the eyelash application. To quicken drying, use air puffer or mini fan.