Charmed C-Curl .07 Mixed Volume Lash Trays

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Charmed Volume lashes are made with a special synthetic new patent technology that does not kink lashes when grabbing it tightly.

At .07 these lashes are thin and lightweight for those who like to "stack" lashes for the Volume effect. Use this width to create a 3D+ volume lashes, by placing two or more extensions onto one natural lash.

Lashes will hold firm to it's curl. No more waste lashes. Perfect for new technicians.

These silks are flexible and when glue is applied will still hold it's flexibility.

These ultra soft to the touch, made of high quality raw silk synthetic fibers lashes create the most luscious looking lashes.

These lashes are lighter than our other lash trays we carry.

Each tray has over 5,000 lashes and has 16 lines instead of the conventional 12 lines.

These silk lashes are made of the highest quality material money can buy.

Charmed Lashes are the deluxe lashes for your clients.

You can't beat this price for this type of quality!!!! 

Rows 1&2- 8mm
Rows 3&4- 9mm
Rows 5,6- 10mm
Rows 7&8- 11mm
Rows 9&10- 12mm
Rows 11&12- 13mm
Rows 13&14- 14mm
Rows 15&16- 15mm